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Employee No Employee Name Gender Department Designation
1 Mark Male IT-Software Web Designer View
2 Larry Male IT-Software PHP Developer View
3 Sandy Male IT-Software Graphic Designer View


HR Manager

Employee No 123467890
Application No 123467890
Date of Joining 1/1/2017
Date of 480 Days Completed 1/1/2017
Gross Salary INR 20,000
Company Devasena
Sector Non-Clinical
Department Human Resources
Designation HR Manager
Grade 3A
Phone No 1234567890
Email ID testing@email.com
Status Active
Mgmt Level 123
Reporting To Siddiq
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Grade 10th +2th UG Degree PG Degree Diploma PG Dipoma Others
Education SSLC PUC B.Com DCA M.B.A Ph.DCA Typing
Year / Month 2001 / MAY 2003 / JUNE 2007 / AUG 2007 / SEP 2009 / MAR 2017 / SEP 2011 / DEC
Company Designation Service Start Service End
KVT HR Manager 1/1/2016 1/1/2017
Devasena IT Engg 1/1/2018 1/1/2019
My Career
DOJ Name Department Designation Start Date End Date Reason
1/1/2016 Hari.N HR HR Manager 1/1/2016 1/1/2017 Promoted
1/1/2018 Hari.N HR & OPS GM HR & OPS 1/1/2018 1/1/2019 Active
My Skills
HTML CSS Javascript
Jquery Photoshop Coreldraw


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    Bob Nilson

    Project Manager
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    Nick Larson

    Art Director
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    Deon Hubert

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    Ella Wong

Bob Nilson 20:15 When could you send me the report ?
Ella Wong 20:15 Its almost done. I will be sending it shortly
Bob Nilson 20:15 Alright. Thanks! :)
Ella Wong 20:16 You are most welcome. Sorry for the delay.
Bob Nilson 20:17 No probs. Just take your time :)
Ella Wong 20:40 Alright. I just emailed it to you.
Bob Nilson 20:17 Great! Thanks. Will check it right away.
Ella Wong 20:40 Please let me know if you have any comment.
Bob Nilson 20:17 Sure. I will check and buzz you if anything needs to be corrected.